What You Need to Understand Before Changing Your Hair Color

Your hair is another part of your body that plays a vital role in complementing your appearance. Getting a new trim or hairstyle and changing hair color are some of the practices you can try out to look good. You can change hair color Andrea Orsi, one of the best beauty lounges in Newport County, Orange Beach, CA.

Having your hair dye applied by professionals is essential for the best results. It would be best if you also familiarized yourself with different things involved when changing your hair color. Here is what you should know.

Types of Dyes and Maintenance

The four main categoriesdying of hair coloring products are natural, earth-based hair coloring products for coloring (such as henna), water dyes, dyes with and without ammonia. If your goal is to cover your first white hair and you have less than 40% of it, you can opt for the natural solution, which, by the way, lasts an average of a month and a half (up to two months) and is the least invasive dye.

Water-based dyes cover 60% of white and require regular maintenance. Ammonia and ammonia-free dyes require regular maintenance. Earth-based dyes are the least invasive. You should choose one that is ideal for your type of hair.

Your Complexion

Choosing the right hair color is not easy. Never rely only on fashionable colors because the correct choice comes from an analysis of the type of complexion and the color of the eyes. For example, if you have olive skin with dark eyes, in addition to supporting deep browns and black, you can also wear a well blonde, but a cold, platinum blonde. For this reason, it is important to turn to a professional with a lot of experience in color, updated in new generation techniques and products.

Haircut Matters

The right color can radicallyhair care change the perception of a cut for the better, and vice versa! In general, if a full and even cut is used. A rich color is perfect, which gives even more “body” to the cut. If you are using a scaly cut, you should lighten some areas to highlight the scale and get good movement. Do not go overboard with lightning, just one shade less than your natural color. Finally, if you have an asymmetrical cut, the short part should be worn dark, while the long part should be highlighted with a shatush or balayage to give it movement.