UK-Germany National Astronomy Meeting NAM2012


From Tuesday 27th until Friday 30th March the 2012 National Astronomy Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society will take place in Manchester. The full schedule is available here. The talks which I find relevant to exoplanet atmospheres are:

A Herschel Survey of the trans-Neptunian Region – Pedro Lacerda

Detailed near-IR spectroscopy of planetary temperature atmospheres – Robert King

WTS-1 b: a hot Jupiter in a tight orbit around a low-mass star – Jayne Birkby

Observation and modelling of transits and starspots in the WASP-19 planetary system – Jeremy Tregloan-Reed

Detection of thermal emission from WASP-3b – John Rostron

The 0.81 – 2.41 micron ground-based transmission spectra of the hot jupiter HD-189733b – Camilla Danielski

Structure and evolution of exoplanets: some news from the theoretical front (invited) – Isabelle Baraffe

Evaporating planets with stellar X-rays: a potential test for migration scenarios? – Alan Jackson

Global models of planetary system formation in radiatively-inefficient protoplanetary discs – Phil Hellary

Super-Earths and Life, characterizing the atmosphere of rocky exoplanets (invited) – Lisa Kaltenegger

The outer boundary of the HZ: The size dependent scattering greenhouse effect of CO2 ice particles – A. Beate C. Patzer


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