Meeting: Atmospheric Modeling of Extrasolar Planets


American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2013 Fall Meeting
9-13 December 2013
San Francisco, California


The number of exoplanets, both confirmed and candidates, is over 4000 as of July 2013. As the size and diversity of this population grows, Earth-sized planets around other stars are proving to be common, far outnumbering the Jupiter-sized planets that were initially discovered. The latest estimate is that there are 17 billion Earth-sized planets in our galaxy. Several research groups are now developing atmospheric models to predict what spectral and other features might be detectable in future observations of nearby Earth-sized exoplanets. Many of these models have been adapted from 1D radiative-convective models and 3D global climate models originally developed for Earth. This session will focus on the results of recent exoplanet atmosphere modeling, with a particular emphasis on the challenges involved in adapting Earth theories and parameterizations to exoplanets.

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