Exoclimes 2010 Conference in Exeter


In September 2010, we organised a conference in Exeter to bring together specialists of Exoplanets and of Solar System planets, to foster the development of the budding field of “exoplanetology”, i.e. comparative planetology extended beyond the bounds of the Solar System.

It was a conference focussed on learning new things and seeing things from a different perspective, with long review talks and time for discussion.

You can look up the slides of the talks and webcasts of the review talks here. Several review talks make a very nice introduction to the topic if you are new to it (and it would be hard not to be new to at least some of them).

"The diversity of planetary atmospheres" conference in Exeter, September 2010.


Review talks:

  • Planetary atmospheres in the Solar System, Fred Taylor (Oxford UK)
  • The atmosphere of Titan, Sushil Atreya (Michigan USA)
  • The atmosphere of Venus, David Grinspoon (DNHM USA)
  • The atmosphere of Mars, Peter Read (Oxford UK)
  • A survey of exoplanetarty atmospheres, Heather Knutson (Berkeley USA)
  • Observed spectra vs. theoretical models, Jonathan Fortney (Santa Cruz USA)
  • Atmospheric dynamics of hot Jupiter, Adam Showman (Arizona USA).
  • Formation of terrestrial planet atmospheres, Elkins-Tanton (MIT USA)
  • Atmospheres of short-period terrestrial planets, Franck Selsis (Bordeaux France)
  • Exotic climates on exoplanets,Kristen Menou (Columbia USA)
  • Gloval climate models applied to exoplanets, François Forget (Paris France)
  • Thermodynamics of planetary climate, Ralph Lorenz (JHU USA)
  • Habitability of exoplanets, James Kasting (Penn State USA)
  • Earth’s past and future atmosphere, Tim Lenton (East Anglia UK)
  • Climate change and exoplanet science, Peter Cox (Exeter UK)

Scientific Organizing Committee:
  • Suzanne Aigrain (Oxford UK, co-chair)
  • Isabelle Baraffe (Exeter UK)
  • Peter Cox (Exeter UK)
  • François Forget (Paris France)
  • Jonathan Lunine (Arizona USA)
  • Frédéric Pont(Exeter UK, co-chair)
  • Adam Showman (Arizona USA)
  • Christophe Sotin (JPL USA)
  • Fred Taylor (Oxford UK)
  • Roger Yelle (Arizona USA)

About Author

I am a professor of planetary science at the University of Exeter. My specialty is the study of exoplanets, in particular the observation and modelling of exoplanet atmospheres. I have done my PhD a the University of Geneva and worked in Chile, France and Switzerland.