About Exoclimes

Exoclimes.com is a website devoted to discussion around the study of planetary atmospheres outside the Solar System. It is maintained and animated by professional astrophysicists at the University of Exeter and the University of Oxford. In parallel to this website, we also maintain Exoclimes.org, the website for the cycle of conferences on the same topic (Exeter 2010, Aspen 2012, Davos 2014, Squamish 2016).
The study of planetary atmospheres outside the solar system is in its infancy, which is what makes the topic so exciting. The mere fact that we can gather information on so many features of the atmospheres of planets around other stars is amazing enough. But the most interesting side-effect is the way learning about exoplanets places the planets and moons in our own Solar System in a much wider context, and help us move away from our parochial perspective.
The name Exoclimes, coined for the 2010 conference in Exeter, was inspired by the title remote climes that Princeton Professor Adam Burrows gave to his review in the journal Nature of the extraordinary measurement of the temperature map of HD 189733b from a Spitzer phase curve by Heather Knutson and collaborators.

“The diversity of planetary atmospheres” conference in Exeter, September 2010.